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Whether you’re replacing your existing shower screens or installing shower screens to your renovated or a brand new bathroom, this site will help you find all the information and resources you need.

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Shower Screens and Bathroom Decoration

An important element of a bathroom is the shower and without proper shower screens, the shower area may seem incomplete and out of place as well. Shower screens help separate the bathing area and help utilise overall bathroom space more efficiently. A shower with modern shower screens can also change the decoration of a bathroom.

It is very important to fit your shower with appropriate shower screens in your bathroom. You don’t want to overkill, nor do you want to install something very basic. You’d want to install something that goes well with the overall decor of the bathroom.

Shower Screens Buying Guide

Buying the right shower screens is very important. It’s not because whether the new shower screens is going to fit the decoration of the bathroom or not; but because of other important reasons, such as, safety features, durability, ease of maintenance, etc. So it’s important that you do your home work first before hitting the road and getting a brand new shower screen.


Measurements and more specifically, right measurements is another very important element of buying and installing shower screens. If you do not get the measurements right then you may end up buying a shower screen that you won’t be able to fit. So make sure you get your measurements right before anything else.

Ready made shower screens are adjustable to a level and that’s it. So you’ll have to know how much space you have and how much you’ll have to play around with the adjustments. It gets more critical when it comes to made to order shower screens. Because if you get the measurements wrong for the made to order shower screens then the consequence can be very very costly. Usually the companies who build and deliver made to order shower screens come to your house and take the measurements themselves. But in case they company you’ve found do not provide that service then please make sure to take the measurements a few time and make sure they’re accurate.


Durability is very important. If it’s a glass shower screen then you’ll have to make sure that they’re made from hardened glass so that they don’t crack very easily. Shower can be slippery sometimes, so if you happen to put a little bit of pressure the shower screens then they should be able to withstand that pressure. So make sure to check for durability factors of shower screens when you’re purchasing them.


Safety is very important. As mentioned earlier, shower and the overall bathroom can be very slippery if water comes to the floor. So it is very important that the shower screens do not let water come out of the shower and reach the bathroom floor. The design and make of the shower screens has to be such that it holds all the water inside the shower and doesn’t let the water leak through to the bathroom floor. Many many serious accidents happen because of wet bathroom floor, so you’ll have to be very careful about that. And as you know, safety is always first!


Another important aspect you should consider is how easy it is to maintain a shower screen. Shower screens come in contact with water, soap, shampoo so they collect moist and get dirty and need regular maintenance and cleaning. If a shower screen is hard to clean or maintain then even a good looking and expensive shower screen may look ordinary and dirty. Glass shower screens are very good in that aspect as they’re very easy to clean.


As with other things, warranty is very important. Anything can happen to a product, so it is important to know that you have an warranty to cover for any unexpected circumstances. So make sure the product you’re buying is covered by some sort of warranty.

Shower screens selection also depends on whether you’re installing the shower screens in the main bathroom or in the guest bathroom. More often than not, an off the shelf ready made product is perfect for a second or guest bedroom’s shower screens. It’s not to say that the ready made products aren’t good and can’t be fitted to the main bathroom as well. They’re really good but if you’re flexible with your budget then you may go for custom made shower screens for the main bathroom of the house.

Importance of Good, Durable Shower Screens

Good shower screens are important for many reasons. They not only improve the overall look and design of the bathroom but they also make a bathroom a lot safer place. Plus, shower screens isn’t something that you can easily replace or you’ll replace every couple of years. They’re usually there for a many for years to come once you install them. So making sure the shower screens can last long along with their durability, safety, warranty are some of the things that you must look for when buying and installing shower screens.

Shower Screens Prices

Contrary to popular belief a beautiful and modern shower screen won’t necessarily break the bank and doesn’t need a professional to install it either. With all the ready made shower screens now available on the market, one can easily purchased and installed out of the box without the need of a professional or specialised tools.

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Types of Shower Screens

There are many types of shower screens available on the market. The most popular one these days is the glass shower screens. Glass shower screens not only looks beautiful but also cost effective and easy to maintain. Here’s some of the shower screens that can be fitted to your shower, existing or new:

Shower Screens Cleaning

Cleaning Shower Screens can be simple and in some cases can be a bit tricky as well. It will depend on the type of shower screens you have. If you have a glass or frameless shower screens then cleaning them will be a breeze. Specially the glass shower screens are very easy to clean. A simple glass cleaning spray and a piece of cloth is all you need to clean your shower screens in a matter of minutes.

The other types of shower screens such as plastic shower screens or shower curtains may not be as easy to clean as the glass shower screens. So, if you’re conscious about cleaning your shower screens then glass shower screens may be the ideal choice for you.

Shower Accessories

There are many shower accessories and depending on the type of your shower and shower screens, you may need different shower accessories. Mainly because, not all shower accessories will be ideal for all types of showers or shower screens.

When it comes to buying a an accessory, it depends on your liking and suitability with your bathroom decoration as there are literally hundreds of different shower accessories available on the market. Some of the accessories are:

  • Shower curtain ring
  • Shower shelf
  • Shower floor decking
  • Shower curtain rod
  • Shower towel ring/hanger
  • Soap basket
  • Shower mirror
  • etc.

The list goes one. The perfect places to buy shower accessories are IKEA and Bunnings as they’ve a large number of collections. You can also visit your local store and check out their stock as well.

DIY Shower Screens Installation

With all the ready made shower screens in the market these days, installing them yourself has never been easier. With the flexibility of adjustments, these shower shower screens are a breeze to install in showers with different sizes. Best of all, you do not need any special tools to install these modern shower screens. As long as you have a drilling machine, you’re all set to go.

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Shower Heads – A Touch of Class for Your Shower Screens

Shower heads are an elegant addition to any shower and they complement you shower screens very well. Shower heads come in many types, designs and features. The most popular of all now a days is the water and energy efficiency. Most modern shower heads come with the water efficiency feature but not all of them do. So always check for this feature before buying the shower head. With Govt. initiatives of water saving shower heads, you can now replace your shower heads for free. If you still have one of those old shower heads then call one of the Govt. authorised suppliers who’ll come and install the shower heads for you.

Find Shower Screens by Cities

You can buy shower screens from any hardware or home builder stores such as Bunnings or Masters. You can also buy them from you local hardware or shower screens supplier stores. If you’re buying ready made out of the box shower screens then Bunnings and Masters will be your best option. However, if you’re planning to buy and install custom made ones then a specialist bathroom products supplier in your local area will work best for you. Any bathroom accessory and products suppliers will be more than happy to come to your property and give you a obligation FREE quote. Remember, it’s always better to get the professional take care of the measurement than you. Because if you get the measurements wrong than you may end of spending more money than saving it.

Search for the following terms for your local city to find suppliers in your area: